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52 Acres of Water

We'll Stock Ponds in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana and more!  Check our Service Area for more details.

With over 10 years experience in the hatchery business, Southern States Game Fish Hatchery’s primary objective is to produce quality fish at an affordable price for your lake or pond. We strive to assure pond and lake owners that the fish received from our hatchery will be of the utmost quality. We stand behind everything we sell. Here at Southern States Game Fish Hatchery we also offer water analysis and would be happy to assist you with most any aspect of your pond or lake. We ask that you consider us in helping you establish a quality fishery that you and your family can enjoy for years to come.

Pond Stock these fish from Southern States

• Northern Largemouth Bass

• Florida Largemouth Bass

• F1 (Northern/Florida Cross)

• White Amur (Grass Carp)

• Coppernose Bluegill

• Redear Shellcracker

• Fathead Minnow

• Threadfin Shad

• Golden Shiners

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